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What is Marketing?

Simply put: it is to understand your target market and create a product or service of great value so that your target market is willing to make an exchange, usually monetary.

What is Marketing Strategy?

It is the strategy to achieve the above, where you create a strategic marketing plan to outline how your business can achieve marketing goals and marketing objectives.

Why is the Marketing Planning Process Important?

You're business needs to jointly have a plan and a process to constantly keep in line with demand.

The business world changes constantly. For organisations to remain competitive, you need to be more nimble than ever. By making a few simple adjustments, your business can follow serious demand and be in demand.


Every person and every organisation is looking to enjoy more added value and to be more happy.

Your business has the option of either:

A) Providing consistent maximum value in line with what prospective customers are seriously demanding to purchase, or;

B) Try to make something and then spend excess money and time on promotions and personal selling in hope of persuading customers to change their demands, needs and wants; because your business is not an exact match to any prospective customer's demands.

Marketing Plan Templates

If you want a quick way to get a strategic marketing plan written, you may be thinking of using marketing plan templates.

Marketing plan templates can give you a structure, but one thing a template won't do is make sure your business is unique and differentiated in how you can fulfill customer's needs and demand.

If your marketing plan template leads to a strategic marketing plan that makes your business the same as any other... you will become a commodity business: which is usually the nail in the coffin for many businesses.


My experience includes being employed as a business advisor for a local government agency, a freelance board game designer to Marks & Spencer (top 5 seller in UK), and working in high growth SME's in strategic marketing and business development roles.

Jason Li,
MA Marketing Communications.
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The Goose Bump Effect.
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